Domestic Waste Bin


GORE™COVER: The Waste Treatment System That Saves Money

GORE Composting Systems are effective for all types of organic waste. The system can handle food waste, green waste, bio-waste, sewage sludge, bio-solids and municipal solid waste.


The GORE Composting System will:

  • Increase the performance of your composting program

  • Improve the performance of your investment by making quality compost quickly

  • Reduce your operating cost vs open air composting


Closed organic waste systems can be managed in a very economical way with GORE™ Cover. Our technology employs special semi-permeable membranes that allow for the aerobic treatment of organic waste.

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Why Should You Compost With GORE?

Reduces odors 90%-97%

A precise air permeability and moisture vapor ensures that unpleasant odors are kept to a minimum. Odors are reduced by 90-97% without the need for implementing any additional odor control system.


Inhibits pathogens 99%

The structure of the pores makes the cover a barrier against the escape of pathogens. The tested retention rate of pathogens is more than 99%. This allows the workplace to remains safe and healthy.

Accelerates the process 300%

Using the Gore Composting System fast-tracks the composting process to increase production by more than 300% compared to compost piles left in the open.

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