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PFOS/PFAS certified reverse osmosis K-5 drinking water system provides 500 gallons of safe drinking water between filter changes.

No electric or batteries required as the LC-K5 unit utilizes turbine and gears to count gallons and slows the flow to a trickle when the 500 gallons has been used, prompting the user for a filter change. The K5 package includes a GAC prefilter, the membrane, a VOC GAC auxiliary filter, and a GAC post filter for multiple levels of backup protection. The membrane self-cleans at the end of each water-making cycle for optimum reduction in TDS creep and has a 4-year warranty. The unit includes a 10-year warranty in residential applications, and the 3 consumable filters are changed as a set. The purified water is stored in a 3 gallon WOW (water on water) tank for minimal space and maximum storage under a sink. The package includes a Designer chrome faucet in lead-free designer style with other finishes available. Installation kit is included including 6 ft each of color coded drinking water tubing and assorted valves and adaptors for drain and supply line connections. Sanitization kit included and detailed instructions. Typical installation is 60 minutes.

Large Water Container

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