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Food Waste Compost


These urban compost bins are designed for installation at the street level, allowing free access for local residents. When composting takes place at the community level, it unleashes the power of collaboration and civic engagement to move toward a zero waste economy that puts people and our planet first.


The compost bins can be set up in any combination but are usually set up in sets of three to allow food to be placed in one with the others reserved for the 2nd and 3rd phase of composting.  The bins can be secured to a concrete pad with lids locked to limit vandalism and unauthorized use. Constructed with 100% recycled plastic under strict tolerances to allow sufficient air for composting while keeping out any vermin and not emitting any foul odors. Following simple maintenance, these Community Composters should last a minimum of 15 years.

What can you compost with Community Composters?

  • All types of raw and cooked solid organic waste and food waste.

  • Yard waste including grass, flowers, leaves, etc.

  • Meat and fish, but bones should not be put in the composter, as they do not decompose.

Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 13-47-46 COMPOSTAJE COMUNITARIO – Berca Group.png
Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 13-48-08 COMPOSTAJE COMUNITARIO – Berca Group.png

Community Composting Harnesses the Power of Volunteerism

Ideal locations are those that can use the compost produced on-site. For example: community gardens, urban farms, K-12 schools, senior citizen centers, resorts...any association that desires to beneficially reuse food waste.

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