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Totemic provides proven sustainable solutions for wasted food. We have years of experience working with Universities, Army Bases, Jails, Prisons, Municipalities, REITs and Fortune 500 companies that have a few dozen to thousands of people contributing to a daily wasted food stream.


Our approach is to properly size and install food waste dehydrators to:

  • Meet regulatory organic waste requirements;

  • Eliminate or reduce the need for waste compactors saving monthly rental, hauling and eliminate the inevitable compactor liquid discharge to drastically reduce odors, vermin and maintain cleaner stormwater;

  • Reduce the weight of food waste by 75% to 93% (depending upon wasted food water content) for less disposal cost, or … optimally

  • Beneficially use the dehydrate as a nutrient rich, all-natural soil amendment at the facility or elsewhere.

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Eco 250 - 250 Pounds per day, 12-15 hours Cycle

There are four standard sizes available: Eco66 (66 lbs per cycle), Eco250 (250 lbs per cycle), Eco 650 (650 lbs per cycle) and Eco650L (1100 lbs per cycle). Other sizes can be custom designed per customers request.

Contact us with your estimated food waste volume or simply the number of people at your facility and over the phone we can estimate the proper sizing and expected dehydrate available for reuse. There may even be grants available for your application.

For more complex situations or formal reporting requirements we can provide a proposal for a comprehensive Food Waste or Solid Waste Audit as well as overall Recycling Program development and management.

How it Works

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  • One touch fully automated control

  • Heat and agitation technology

  • 304 stainless steel construction

  • Sealed input and output doors

  • Mechanical agitation

  • Condensate drain line

  • Agitator stops when door is open

  • Agitator auto-reverse to clear a jam

  • No water connection or enzymes needed

  • One year manufacturer parts and labor warranty

  • Extended warranty and service contract available



  • Reduces the volume of food waste by up to 93%

  • Biomass can be beneficially reused

  • Plug and play.. fully automated

  • Dehydrates any type of organic

  • Odor free

  • Low maintenance

  • Overnight or daily treatment

  • Restaurant to commercial sizes

High School Exterior


  • Correctional Facilities

  • K-12 Schools

  • Zoos

  • Universities

  • Casinos

  • Federal Facilities

  • Worldwide…Anywhere there is wasted food

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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