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Food Waste &

Recycling Audits

Totemic can provide on-site food waste and facility recycling audits or estimates based on published reports. Our personnel have experience with LEED design principles and Net Zero or Zero Waste planning recommendations and requirements. Totemic provides proven sustainable solutions for wasted food. We have years of experience working with Universities, Army Bases, Jails, Prisons, Municipalities, REITs and Fortune 500 companies that have a few dozen to thousands of people contributing to a daily wasted food stream.

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Stormwater BMP Systems

As more storms and precipitation events are occurring with greater force, the existing BMPs are in many cases unable to operate as designed due to deferred maintenance. This results in very real and visible flooding events while also releasing contaminates to the local water bodies. Totemic can provide the necessary maintenance or improvements to allow proper BMP operation and help manage city wide stormwater management programs.

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Environmental Management

Totemic has the engineering, geology, scientific and sustainability resources to perform the prototypical environmental remediation projects such as USTs/ASTs management, Soil and Groundwater Sampling, cultural resources and design, Installation and O&M of remediation systems.


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