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Domestic Waste Bin


Over the last five years Totemic evaluated multiple organic waste processing technologies and manufacturers and is proud to distribute the Big Hanna in-vessel composters and Ecovim food waste dehydrators as time tested machines to meet virtually any on-site program to beneficially reuse wasted food. 

Big Hanna In-Vessel Composter

Big Hanna Composters can compost all food waste including meat, fish, dairy products, garden waste and most compostable organic matter.


These time tested composters are operating in more than 35 countries with an expected and proven lifespan of over 20 years with only routine and straightforward maintenance needed.


Ecovim Food Waste Dehydrator

Ecovim Food Waste Dehydrators are patented units that use heat and agitation technology to remove the water from the food waste, reducing the volume 80% to 90%.


The units only require electrical service and a typical floor drain. As the food waste is dehydrated it is also sterilized and can be beneficially reused.

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Community Composter

These urban compost bins are designed for installation at the street level, allowing free access for local residents. When composting takes place at the community level, it unleashes the power of collaboration and civic engagement to move toward a zero waste economy that puts people and our planet first.

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Home Composter


    The composters are made of 100% recycled high-density polyethylene, suitable for contact with food.


    The ventilation holes together with the slanted fin system ensure good decomposition.


    Solid construction and with stabilizers to protect from UV rays.


    Up to 20 years.

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Windrow Compost Turner

Turned Windrow Composting is suited for large volumes of compost, like compost that has been collected by entire communities or local governments and high volume food-processing businesses (e.g., restaurants, cafeterias, packing plants). This process will yield significant amounts of compost that can then be used for future agriculture purposes.

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Compo TC Vertical Manure Fermenter

Compo CT is a vertical manure fermenter that uses oxygen to convert the manure to a premium fertilizer.

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PFOS/PFAS Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

PFOS/PFAS Certified Reverse Osmosis K-5 Drinking Water System provides 500 gallons of safe drinking water between filter changes.


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